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QR Code Payments

Card-free. Touch-free. Pain-free.

Image by Albert Hu

Phone vs Card | 1:0

All clients have to do is:

  • Open their Muniy app

  • Select 'QR code payments'

  • Hold their phone up to the QR code.

  • They then simply enter the amount and tap 'Pay'.

  • A payment confirmation will appear on the screen

  • They show it to you to confirm it’s correct

  • You're good to go!

Security first

We build every bit of technology with a security-first mindset. QR code payment technology is no different. You can trust that you are safe with us.

Image by Dan Nelson
All Hands In

All-in. No costly add-ons

With a Muniy business account, you do not need to invest in point of sale hardware. All you need is a phone and off you go generating QR codes.

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