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At Muniy, we're committed to providing our business clients with the best banking services possible. With our easy-to-use mobile app, you can deposit funds, check account balances, and make purchases with just a few taps. Plus, our team is available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have. Sign up for a Muniy account today and see how we can help you take control of your business finances.

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Sign up in minutes to start sending and receiving funds with your business

With Muniy, freelancers, small business owners, and big companies alike can easily send and receive funds in GBP and EUR. Super quick!

We also offer a business account option, which gives you access to your funds on any business day. Plus, our accounts protected by the FCA through our partner bank, so you can trust that your money is safe.

Please note that message and data rates may apply when using our mobile app. However, the convenience of being able to manage your money on the go is well worth it.


Expense Business Cards

With Muniy app, getting your hands on GBP and EURO expense business cards is as easy as a button click. Perfect for all business types! 

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Muniy makes it super easy to keep an eye on your finances by linking to your accounting software. No more jumping between apps!



At Muniy, our customers come first, and we're always here to help 24/7. Never hesitate to reach out to us.

Muniy also offers a monthly maintenance fee for our accounts, and a monthly service fee for our banking services. However, these fees are minimal and affordable. You can view our fee schedule on our website, and please be aware that we reserve the right to change these fees at any time, but we'll make sure to give you notice before doing so.

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Can my staff view their expenses?

Yes, your team members can view their own transactions and add receipts for any business purchases they make with their Expense Card.

To take full advantage of this feature, invite your team members to the Muniy Expenses app.

In your Muniy app, tap More, then Expense Cards
Select the team member’s name
Tap ‘Grant access’ – your team member will receive an invitation to register and download the new app

How do I cancel a Muniy Expense Card? What happens when I cancel a card?

Go to More > Expense Cards
Select a person from the list and then cancel their Expense Card
When you cancel an expense Card, you’ll be charged £5+VAT per Expense Card on the 4th of the following month. Any Expense Cards ordered within the same month will be billed on the 4th of the following month (there will be no further payment after that). There’s no pro-rata fee refund when you cancel an Expense Card.

Remember, if you have Plus membership, 1 free Expense Card is included.
And if you have Cashback or Premium membership, 3 free Expense Cards are included.

How do I freeze a Muniy Expense Card?

The main account holder can freeze or unfreeze individual or all company expense cards.

Go to More > Expense Cards
Select a person from the list and then you can freeze or unfreeze their Expense Card

If you can’t see the Expense Cards feature, go to the app store and check your Muniy app is up-to-date.

The main account holder can manage all your Muniy Expense Cards.

Expense Cards are a step towards building full team access. For now, team members can manage Expense Cards through the Muniy app that belongs to the main account holder. Team members can also use the Muniy Expenses app to view their own transactions and upload receipts.

The main user can fully manage access for the team – they can freeze and cancel cards, as well as share and view PIN codes. And, of course, they can see who’s spent what.

Why can’t I see Expense Cards in my More menu?

If you can’t see the Expense Cards feature, go to the app store and check your Muniy app is up-to-date.

How do I activate and manage Muniy Expense Cards?

You can activate, manage and cancel your team’s expense cards in the Muniy app. Go to More > Expense Cards

How many Expense Cards can I apply for?

You can order up to 50 Expense Cards per account.

If you have your Expense Cards linked to sub-accounts, these count towards the overall account maximum of 50.

If you have more than one Muniy account, you can have a maximum of 50 Expense Cards for each account.

Am I eligible for Muniy Expense Cards?

If you’re already with us, you’re eligible to apply. 🙂

How much do Expense Cards cost?

Muniy Expense Cards, our company expenses cards, are £5+VAT per calendar month. You’ll be charged £5+VAT per month for every Expense Card you’ve ordered (whether you activate it or not).

The fee is taken automatically from your Muniy account on the fourth of each month.

Depending on your membership, you could get one or more Expense Cards for free. On Plus you’ll get 1 free, on Pro you’ll get 2 free and on Cashback or Premium, you’ll get 3 free.

Please see our Muniy Terms for full details.

How do I order Muniy Expense Cards?

You can order company expense cards in the Muniy app.

Go to More > Expense Cards
Enter your team member’s details
Select the account(s) for which you want your team member to have an Expense Card
If your team member passes our security checks, the card will arrive at your trading address within a week.

How can I change my team members' monthly spending limit?

In your Muniy app, tap More > Expense Cards and select the name of the team member whose limits you want to change. From here, you can also set enhanced spend control for your team by limiting online payments, gambling payments and ATM withdrawals. You can do this any time and as many times as you like. If your team member makes a purchase that goes against the limits you’ve set, their transaction will be declined.

Can I edit my team members' spending limit as a one-off within the month?

Unfortunately not. The way this works at the moment, you would need to edit your team members’ spending limit for one month and remember to change it back for the next month.

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